Sydney Morning Herald, October 29, 1999

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The Very Best Of Elvis Costello

Bernard Zuel

Even if you are not a Costello tragic such as yours truly, this is a cracker of a mainstream compliation (so no classical or jazz excursions) - from "Alison" and "Peace, Love and Understanding," to "Everyday I Write the Book," from "Oliver's Army" and "Pump It Up" to his cover of Charles Aznavour's "She." There's 80 minutes of nearly hits and songs that didn't get close, but rack up major brownie points ("Radio Radio" for example: rampant cynisicm wrapped in fragrant power pop). So you get Soul ("I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down"), Country ("Good Year For The Roses"), Classic Pop ("God Give Me Strength"), Americana ("Indoor Fireworks"), reggaeish rock ("Watching the Detectives"), candy ("I Wanna Be Loved") and bitterness ("I Want You"). Oh Yeah, and 20 songs without a dud.


Sydney Morning Herald, October 29, 1999

Bernard Zuel reviews The Very Best Of Elvis Costello.


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