Sydney Sun-Herald, December 10, 1978

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Leave rough stuff to punk fans, Jo

Gavin Green

Elvis Costello may not have been too worried about some of his fans rioting at the Regent Theatre last Sunday, but supporting artist Joe Camilleri admits he was "absolutely freaked out."

"Elvis left straight after the concert, but I was sitting backstage when the commotion began," said Jo, from Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons.

"I could hear the crowd getting restless. It got pretty violent at one stage."

The crowd became uneasy when Costello went off stage after less than an hour's entertainment.

Five minutes later someone announced that he had left the theatre and there'd be no encore.

After that some "fans" ripped up some of the seats at the majestic old Regent, and showered the musical equipment on stage with cushions, fruit and other objects.

Jo said he was a little uneasy about supporting Costello.

"But those members of the audience who were punks actually seemed quite subdued until Elvis went off stage so early," he said.

He was wary of the possibility of a punk racing up on stage with a knife trying to cut his throat.

"But fortunately nothing like that has happened on the concert tour yet," he said with a laugh.

We're glad you survived Jo, but here's a word of advice. Try not to upstage the punks by kicking a microphone support stand into the audience during the act, like you did last Sunday.

If it had hit a punk with a flick knife you may have been in trouble.

And even your musical guru Jagger wouldn't approve of kicking heavy objects into audiences.


The Sun-Herald, December 10, 1978

Gavin Green reports on the Elvis Costello & The Attractions concert, Sunday, December 3, 1978, Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia.


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