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Elvis Costello and T-Bone Wolk on Saturday Night Live, May 18, 1991.
Elvis Costello and The Confederates, 1987
l-r: T-Bone Wolk, Benmont Tench, Jim Keltner, Elvis Costello, Jerry Scheff, James Burton

Member of:

Hall & Oates
The Confederates
The Saturday Night Live Band

Guitar, bass, and accordion on:

King Of America, 1986
Brilliant Mistake (guitar, piano accordion)  Jack Of All Parades (bass)
Spike, 1989
Satellite (bass)  Last Boat Leaving (bass, accordion)
Mighty Like A Rose, 1991
The Other Side Of Summer {bass}  All Grown Up {bass}  Invasion Hit Parade {bass}
Harpies Bizarre {bass}  So Like Candy {bass}
King Of America reissue, 1995, 2005, "Live On Broadway" tracks
That's How You Got Killed Before (accordion)  The Big Light (guitar)
The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (accordion)  It Tears Me Up (accordion)
Your Mind Is On Vacation / Your Funeral My Trial {accordion}  True Love Ways (accordion)
Blue Chair (Single Version)(1987) (electric guitar, bass)
God Give Me Strength(1996, Grace Of My Heart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (bass)

Performed with Elvis Costello:

1986 and 1987 as a member of The Confederates:
1989 and 1991 with The Saturday Night Live Band:

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