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This ticket is clearly for a show in Manchester on 21 October 1977. It does not appear to relate to a show at the University of Salford (early or late). It may be that the show was at the Apollo Theatre, not at Salford University. -- Nick Ratcliffe 1 April 2011

Regardless of the venue, what confuses me is that 1977-10-21 was (I thought...) part of the Stiffs Live package tour, so I wouldn't expect to see Elvis' name on the ticket as the headliner. BTW, I don't know if it's quite correct to list separate early and late shows. It says in Beyond Belief that Elvis played a second set because Wreckless Eric was "ill" that night. (The quotes around "ill" are in the article.) -- Nunki 1 April 2011

Based on these excerpts from Mojo and NME, I'm in favor of combining these into one page and renaming to Manchester. -- Zmuda (talk) 18 September 2012
When the coach arrived at Manchester’s Ardwick Apollo that evening Elvis Costello’s name was in lights on the marquee and local celebrities including the Buzzcocks and John Cooper Clarke had turned out to catch the show . After an agreeable set from Nick Lowe, Dury turned in an ecstatically received performance, followed by a blistering retort from Costello. Opening with the recently composed No Action, Costello’s extended set included the Kilburns’ Roadette Song, Go The Whole Wide World in honour of the absent Wreckless Eric, and a raucous Radio Radio.
Outside the Manchester Apollo, the sign says "Live on stage at 7.30 ELVIS COSTELLO". Clearly, they haven't gotten the message about the five-way democracy on this tour. Or rather four-way: the fifth Greatest Stiff, Wreckless Eric, is back home under doctor's orders. It is explained that, lacking the staying power of the veterans -- the collective number of gigs under these guys' belts is astronomical -- he threw himself into the touring lifestyle with such enthusiasm that he contracted chronic laryngitis. This means that a firm set order has to be adhered to.
See, Pete Thomas is playing with both Elvis and Basher and Ian Dury plays with Wreckless as well as doing his own set. Therefore, neither of these two gents can do two consecutive sets, which means that the order can be either Wreckless-Lowe-Dury-Costello or Lowe-Wreckless-Costello-Dury (Costello and Dury being the only ones with enough rehearsed material to do the last set). Without Wreckless, the order is therefore Lowe-Dury-Costello. Got it?
Agree. --Nunki (talk) 18 September 2012
Done. -- Zmuda (talk) 18:43, 18 September 2012 (CDT)