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La Santa Cecilia Treinta Dias album cover.jpg

Treinta Dias
La Santa Cecilia

Losing Game (Hernandez/Ramirez/Carlos/Bendana/Krys/EC) (2:57) - La Santa Cecilia & EC

[2013-04-30; CD; Universal Music Latino B0018357-02]


The Old Grey Whistle Test - Punk and New Wave album cover.jpg

The Old Grey Whistle Test - Punk and New Wave
various artists

Veronica (Paul McCartney & Declan MacManus) (3:07) - EC

[2013-05-27; CD; Rhino Records 5310573732]


The Best Of Burt Bacharach Anyone Who Had A Heart album cover.jpg

The Best Of Burt Bacharach: Anyone Who Had A Heart
various artists

Toledo (EC/Bacharach) - EC & Burt Bacharach

[2013-05-28; 2xCD; Hip-O]


Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County album cover.jpg

Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County
various artists

That's Me (Mellencamp/EC) - EC
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong About Me (Mellencamp/York/EC) - EC

[2013-06-04; CD; Hear Music (US)]


Boardwalk Empire Volume 2 album cover.jpg

Boardwalk Empire Volume 2: Music From The HBO Original Series
various artists

It Had To Be You (Kahn/Jones) (3:15) - EC

[2013-09-10; CD; ABKCO 8985-2 (US)]


Wise Up Ghost album cover.jpg

Wise Up Ghost
Elvis Costello & The Roots

Walk Us Uptown (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (3:22)
Sugar Won't Work (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (3:31)
Refuse To Be Saved (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (4:23)
Wake Me Up (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (5:52)
Tripwire (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (4:28)
Stick Out Your Tongue (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (5:28)
Come The Meantimes (EC/Thompson/Mandel/Dunbar/Dozier/Craighead) (3:53)
(She Might Be A) Grenade (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (4:36)
Cinco Minutos Con Vos (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (5:01)
Viceroy's Row (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (5:01)
Wise Up Ghost (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (6:27)
If I Could Believe (EC) (3:58)
My New Haunt (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (4:39) - deluxe CD only
Can You Hear Me? (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (6:27) - deluxe CD only
The Puppet Has Cut His Strings (EC/Thompson/Angry) (4:57) - deluxe CD only

[2013-09-16; CD (standard edition); Decca (UK)]
[2013-09-16; CD (deluxe edition); Decca (UK)]
[2013-09-16; 2xLP; Decca (UK)]
[2013-09-17; CD (standard edition); Blue Note (US)]
[2013-09-17; CD (deluxe edition); Blue Note B001875002 (US)]
[2013-09-24; 2xLP; Blue Note (US)]
[2013-09-17; CD (standard edition); Blue Note TOCP-95138 (Japan) High quality audio: SHM CD]


Gov't Mule Shout! album cover.jpg

Gov't Mule

Funny Little Tragedy (Haynes) - Gov't Mule & EC

[2013-09-24; 2xCD; Blue Note B001880402 (US)]


Steve Nieve ToGetHer album cover.jpg

Steve Nieve

Tender Moment (Kairos) (Nieve) - Steve Nieve & EC

[2013-09-30; CD; Verycords (France)]
[2013-10-08; CD; 429 FTN 17966 (US)]


Wise Up Thought Remixes & Reworks album cover medium.jpg

Wise Up: Thought
Elvis Costello & The Roots

Cinco Minutos Con Vos (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (4:09)
Sugar Won't Work (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (0:49)
Come The Meantimes (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (3:40)
The Puppet Has Cut His Strings (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (0:50)
Tripwire (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (3:31)
Viceroy's Row (EC/Thompson/Mandel) (1:22)
Walk Us Uptown (EC/Thompson/Mandel/Dunbar/Dozier/Craighead) (5:56)

[2013-11-29; CD; Blue Note (US)]
[2013-12-17; 10" vinyl; Blue Note (US)]