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lyrics for
That's Me

You know that voice
You hear in your head
That's me, baby that's me
And you thought you were just
Talking to yourself
But it's me, baby that's me

I can get you to do
Anything I want
'Cause I'm the sexy one
With all that good stuff
It's me, yes baby, that's me

When you feel
Like smacking your brother
That's me, baby that's me
And when you feel like
Cheating on a lover
That's me, ah yes that's me

I can get you to
Screw up your life
Stick up the paperboy
With your best friend's wife
That's me, baby, oh that's me
I'm the provider of all that poopy-doopy-doo

When you think
Yes, I got it all worked out now
Think of me, baby that's me
When your sunny day
Turns cloudy
Thank me, baby thank me

(reprise) And when you're burning up
In hell's fire
I'll give you a water break
I'm such a liar
That's me, oh aren't you glad you know it's me
Cause baby that's me, oh yes that's me
I'm the original hottie, that's me
Thank you