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lyrics for
The Days Take Care Of Everything

If you wanna feel sorry for yourself
Then go ahead, I'm not gonna stop you
Sometimes you're just like a petulant child
You seem to get so much satisfaction just from being denied
And now that he's taken everything you can give
You come to me asking "How can I continue to live?"

The days take care of everything
You've had your fling, you poor little thing
But don't despair
Yes, the days take care of everything
You'll pass on the street, you'll know him from someplace
But you won't know where
The days take care of everything

We sat up all night and talked it through
You drank down the bottle and I blew a lower note
Now I must be going, now it's getting late
But what if I was less of a friend and more of a traitor?
But how could you know how I was longing inside?
Our eyes never met and my hands stayed by my side
And as you gave me that affectionate kiss
How could you know I had been waiting for a chance like this?

I've been in upstate conventional turn
I overheard a heavenly choir
And though you still turn to me from time to time
One day you're up in the clouds
Next thing you're down with the Sweet Adelines
And now I can see it was not meant to be
You'll take him back and never spare another thought for me

(Repeat Chorus)