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lyrics for
They're Not Laughing At Me Now

Tell me, how does it feel?
In the hour of deception and the moment of pretend
To be scorned by those rank and those unkind strangers
You were fool enough to call your friends
Will you say as the curtain descends?
"They're not laughing at me now"

When the last of the garlands and laurel crowns and fine bouquets have all been swept away
You were lost in the smokescreens of cavalcades and accolades instead of traitor's pay
Where will you find the courage to say?
"They're not laughing at me now"

You could shake my hand
If I could unfold my fist
If I were a gentleman
If I were a Christian
But I wouldn't risk it
Why would you?
You know my name now
And it's "Mister" to you.

Now we're back at the start, no forgiveness in your heart, you turned your coat and asked me to turn my cheek
And it's all in a language that I can understand but never bring myself to speak
I'll leave it to you, if you dare
It's a peal too appalling to bear
I wonder if you're here or you're there
They're not laughing at me now