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MCA Soundtracks: Off The Cutting Room Floor - various artists
God Give Me Strength (EC/Bacharach) (6:08) - EC + Burt Bacharach
[1997-01-__; CD; MCA MCA3P-90047 (US promo)]
Distributed to subscribers of the LA public radio station KCRW-FM.
This CD also contains Kristen Vigard's version of "God Give Me Strength".


Individually Twisted - Jazz Passengers
Aubergine (EC/Brad Jones) (4:16)
Doncha Go 'Way Mad (Jacquet/Mundy/Stillman) (3:21)
[1997-02-03; CD; 32 Records 32007]
[1997-07-01; CD; Essential Records]
[1997-10-21; CD; Rock Records RCCJ-1003 (Japan)]
Produced by Joel Dorn & Adam Dorn.
EC is lead vocalist on Aubergine and duets with Deborah Harry on Doncha Go 'Way Mad.


The Difference - featuring Elvis Costello, Roger McGuinn, Lucinda Williams, Chris Whitley
Radio, Radio - EC+A
Men Called Uncle (recorded live for show)
All This Useless Beauty (recorded live for show)
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (recorded live for show)
Watching The Detectives (recorded live for show)
Alison / Tears Of A Clown (recorded live for show) (EC / Robinson)
The Other End Of The Telescope (recorded live for show) (EC/Mann)
[1997-02-10; ?; The Difference (US radio show)]
I'm not sure in what form this was distributed, but it was broadcast in the US during the week 10-16 Feb. Elvis is the featured artist on the show, which contains an interview with EC plus live tracks recorded especially for the show.


ESPN Presents Slam Jams Volume 1 (Contact 3) - various artists
Pump It Up - EC
[1997-03-04; CD; Tommy Boy TBCD 1194 (USA)]


The All Time Greatest Country Songs - various artists
Good Year For The Roses (Jerry Chesnut) - EC+A
[1997-03-14; 2xMC; Sony TV SONYTV24MC]
[1997-03-17; 2xCD; Sony TV SONYTV24CD]


Contact 3! - The Third Period (La Troisieme Periode) - various artists
Pump It Up (3:14) - EC+A
[1997-__-__; CD; Attic Records Limited ACD 1466 (Canada)]
This CD comes with a bonus CD-ROM containing 2 short films.

--- [1997-04-11] - Elvis quits Warner Brothers!!!!


Music From And Inspired By The Television Series 'Mad About You' - various artists
Sneaky Feelings - EC
[1997-04-15; CD; Atlantic 7567-829832]


September Songs: The Music Of Kurt Weill - various artists
Lost In The Stars (Weill/Anderson) (3:56) - EC + Brodsky Quartet
[1997-05-__; CD; Sony Classical (US promo)]
[1997-08-19; CD; Sony Classical SK 63046]
[1997-10-01; CD; Sony Classical SRCS-8358 (Japan)]
This track is produced by Hal Willner, Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet.
Engineered by Eric Liljestrand.
Recorded 20-Jan-94 at Glen Gould Studio, Toronto.


Jazz Voice - various artists
Doncha Go 'Way Mad (Jacquet/Mundy/Stillman) - Jazz Passengers (/w EC)
[1997-06-17; CD; Knitting Factory Works KFW 212]
Produced in conjunction with the 1997 Texaco New York Jazz Festival.


Q Magazine issue 130 (July)
Complicated Shadows - EC+A
[1997-06-02; CD; (UK, free with magazine)]


Acoustic Cafe - various artists
Watching The Detectives (live; Chicago) - EC+Steve Nieve
[1997-06-02; CD; (US radio promo, 45 copies pressed)]
These CDs were pressed by the radio station themselves and they used Warner's Live At The Park West, Chicago promo as the source.


Mellow Bacharach Heaven - various artists
Please Stay (Bacharach/Hilliard) - EC
[1997-06-__; CD; Warner Music Japan WPCR 1202 (Japan)]
This track is taken from Kojak Variety.


Il Disco Del Mese (Vol. 26: Il Grande Pop Inglese) - various artists
Shipbuilding (4:51) - EC+A
[1997-__-__; CD; La Repubblica DdM-26]


I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - The Fairfield Four
That Day Is Done (EC/McCartney) (5:10) - The Fairfield Four+EC
[1997-09-09; CD; Warner 9 46698-2]
Personnel on "That Day Is Done":

The Fairfield Four - vocals
EC - lead vocal
Larry Knechtel - piano
Produced by Mark Prentice & Lee Olsen


Not With That Clown: Great Songs Of Sexual Jealousy - various artists
I Want You - EC+A
[1997-09-__; CD; Mushroom Records/Mambo (Australia)]


A Hard Night's Day - various artists
Watching The Detectives - EC
Alison - EC
[1997-09-22; 2xCD; MCA MCD60047 (UK)]
Stiff Records compilation.


Live From 6A: Musical Performances From Late Night With Conan O'Brien - various artists
All This Useless Beauty (live) (4:57) - EC+Steve Nieve
[1997-10-07; CD; Broadway Video Records/Mercury 314 536 324-2]
[1998-02-10; CD; (Germany)]
[1998-04-08; CD; Mercury PHCR-1603 (Japan. Japanese title is Late Night Live)]
Recorded 1996-05-21.


The Bridge I Burned promo single - Elvis Costello
The Bridge I Burned (edit) (4:16)
The Bridge I Burned (album version) (5:20)
The Bridge I Burned (Facino Mix) (4:21)
The Bridge I Burned (Pop Lie Mix) (5:19)
[1997-10-__; CD5; Warner PRO CD 9045 (US promo)]
Produced by Mac Manus Pere et Fils. Recorded by Ben Fenner. Engineered & mixed by John Hudson.


A Taste Of Extreme Honey - Elvis Costello
The Bridge I Burned
So Like Candy (EC/McCartney)
My Dark Life
London's Brilliant Parade
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4
[1997-10-__; CD; Warner PRO-CD-9076]


Extreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years - Elvis Costello
The Bridge I Burned (5:20) - EC
Veronica (EC/McCartney) (3:09) - EC
Sulky Girl (5:07) - EC+A
So Like Candy (EC/McCartney) (4:37) - EC
13 Steps Lead Down (3:18) - EC+A
All This Useless Beauty (4:38) - EC+A
My Dark Life (6:20) - EC+Brian Eno
The Other Side Of Summer (3:56) - EC
Kinder Murder (3:26) - EC
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (4:06) - EC
Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) (EC/Keltner) (4:04) - EC
Poor Fractured Atlas (4:02) - EC+A
The Birds Will Still Be Singing (4:23) - EC+Brodsky Quartet
London's Brilliant Parade (4:22) - EC+A
Tramp The Dirt Down (5:41) - EC
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4 (3:50) - EC
I Want To Vanish (3:16) - EC+Steve Nieve+Brodsky Quartet
All The Rage (3:53) - EC
[1997-10-17; CD; Warner PROP333/9362-46801-2 (German promo; the title is simply The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years, and it comes in a typical Warners pale blue and white promo sleeve)]
[1997-10-21; CD; Warner 46801-2 (released 971103 in Australia). Early copies had a sticker on the case saying: "Includes 'The Bridge That I Burned' (previously unavailable elsewhere) plus 17 more"]
[1997-10-21; MC; Warner 46801-4]
[1997-10-__; CD; Warner 2-46801-a (US advanced promo)]
[1997-11-05; CD; Warner WPCR-1633 (Japan)]
A US promo CD was released that is the same as the regular release except for the words "For promotional use only. Sale or other transfer is prohibited. Must be returned on demand of recording company" printed in gold on the front of the booklet.


Progressions #32 - New Music for Progressive Adult Radio - October 1997 (fmqb Rock - In The Zone with Amy Doyle) - various artists
The Bridge I Burned (5:19) - EC
[1997-10-__; CD; KKZN/Dallas-Fort Worth PAR32 (US radio promo)]


Totally Adult - various artists
The Bridge I Burned - EC
[1997-10-__; 2xCD; Oct. 1997 #24 (US promo)]


Post Punk Diary 1980-1982 - George Gimarc

[1997-11-__; Book+CD; St.Martin's Griffin/Cherry Red Records]
This is a book that comes with a CD, and track 36 (2:05) is an interview clip with EC.


Live On Letterman: Music From The Late Show - various artists
God Give Me Strength (live, Letterman) (EC/Bacharach) (3:45) - EC + Burt Bacharach
[1997-11-18; CD; Reprise 9362-46827-2]
[1998-01-25; CD; Warner/Reprise WPCR1739 (Japan)]
The track was recorded 1997-02-25.
In Japan this CD was given a Japanese title which translates to "Greatest Live From David Letterman Show".


The Bridge School Concerts Vol. One - various artists
Alison (live) (3:20) - EC + Neil Young
[1997-11-14; CD; Reprise PROP363/9362-46824-2 (Germany, promo)]
[1997-11-18; CD; Reprise 9362-46824-2]
[1997-11-18;2xLP; Reprise 9362-46824]
[1997-11-25; CD; Reprise WPCR-1675 (Japan)]
The track was recorded in 1990.

EC - guitar, vocals
Neil Young - vocals


Before X - various artists
Everyday I Write The Book - EC+A
[1997-11-09; CD; BMG Intersound 9524 (USA)]
[1997-11-09; MC; BMG Intersound (USA)]


Video Hits: Past Hits, Volume 1 - various artists
Everyday I Write The Book - EC+A
[1997-__-__; 2xCD; Sony 4845002 (Australia)]


The Bridge I Burned Australian promo - Elvis Costello
The Bridge I Burned
[1997-__-__; CD5; Warner (Australian promo)]