The Courier: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Courier
Courier album cover 400.jpg
soundtrack by
Various artists
Back cover and alternate front cover.

Original soundtrack for the movie The Courier, which starred Elvis' then wife Cait O'Riordan.

Elvis provides eight instrumental tracks under the name Declan MacManus - his first releases of this type, which led to other soundtracks, GBH and Jake's Progress, and later to his first full classical work Il Sogno.

The album also features tracks by U2, Hothouse Flowers, and other less well known artists.


TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Burn Clear  Something Happens  
2. Wild White Horse  Hothouse Flowers  
3. Kill The One You Love  Lord John White  
4. The Courier  Aslan  
5. She Came From There  Something Happens  
6. Try A Little Harder  Too Much For The White Man  
7. Silly Dreams  Cry Before Dawn  
8. Walk To The Water  U2  
9. Mad Dog  Declan MacManus 1:07
10. Painted Villain  Declan MacManus 2:23
11. Stalking  Declan MacManus 1:25
12. Furinal Music (piano)Declan MacManus 2:37
13. Rat Poison  Declan MacManus 4:30
14. Furinal Music (sax)Declan MacManus 2:20
15. Unpainted Villain  Declan MacManus 1:58
16. Last Boat Leaving  Declan MacManus 2:44

Note: The version of "Last Boat Leaving" that appears during the end titles in the film is a different version to what is on the LP/CD, and it is different again to the version on Spike.


These credits are specific to the Declan MacManus tracks.

  • Musicians:
Phil Todd - flute, clarinet, alto flute
Luke Cresswell - drum programming
Declan MacManus - original drum programming and vibe, feedback and organ
Steve Nieve - piano
Don Weller - tenor saxophone
Guy Barker - trumpet
Steve Saunders - bass trombone
Roy Babbington - string bass
Fiachra Trench - piano

Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1988-02-__ LP Virgin 2-90954
1988-__-__ LP Virgin 7 90954-1 (promo different sleeve to regular LP)
1988-02-__ CD Virgin CDV2517


  • The list of artists on the album cover includes The Pogues, but there is no music by the Pogues on the soundtrack.

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