The Dirty Dozen Brass Band: The New Orleans Album

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The New Orleans Album
Dirty Dozen Brass Band The New Orleans Album.jpg
studio album by
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
ReleasedApril 24, 1990
ProducerScott Billington

1990 album by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band includes vocals by Elvis Costello on "That's How You Got Killed Before."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Inside Straight  Cannonball Adderley 5:23
2. When I'm Walking (Let Me Walk)  Fats Domino 3:10
3. Hannibal  Gregory Davis 6:36
4. Don't You Feel My Leg  Blue Lu Barker 4:20
5. That's How You Got Killed Before (with Elvis Costello)Dave Bartholomew 3:14
6. Song For Babe  R. Lewis 5:32
7. The Monkey  Dave Bartholomew 3:52
8. Snowball  Dirty Dozen Brass Band 5:48
9. Me Like It Like That  Gregory Davis 3:33
10. Kidd Jordan's Second Line  Edward "Kidd" Jordan 2:48


That's How You Got Killed Before

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