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The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on the Elvis Costello Home Page. Learn what tasks need to be done, what projects can be joined, get or post news about recent events or current activities, and learn how to make pages, add pictures, add content, make corrections.

Areas to work on

The following areas have a structure in place. Updates and corrections are welcome:

  1. Main Page - add new concerts, TV and radio appearances, new album info & major news
  2. FAQ
  3. Bibliography
  4. Discography
    1. Graphical discography
    2. Text discography
    3. Bootlegs
    4. Bootlegs by date
    5. Sessionography
  5. Songs
  6. Links
  7. Concert Schedule - this needs to be kept up to date with new events, & setlists added to individual pages
  8. Ticket Info
  9. Gigography (past events) - a lot of information needed here
  10. What's new - shows major new changes and progress on the wiki

The following are in a very preliminary state at present. Ideas and tests for these sections are welcome:

  1. Pictures

Other sections suggested:

  1. Filmography - for film and TV apperances
  2. Videography - for VHSs & DVDs
  3. Formatting to come later - Pages that need tracklist, info-box, etc.
  4. Page to be created later - Pages that need album covers, tracklist, info-box, links, etc.

How to...