The Face, August 1982

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The Face

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Imperial Bedroom

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Ian Birch

Imperial Bedroom (F.Beat) is the latest volume of gamy short stories from Elvis Costello And The Attractions. In direct contrast to the Nashville experiment of Almost Blue, Costello has written all the material here with a little help from Chris Difford on "Boy With A Problem."

The "verbal gymnastics" are as manic and evocative as ever and for the first time the lyrics are pumped out like a lunatic telegram all across the inside sleeve. But the difference now lies in Costello's position to the music. Instead of standing at the centre of a song and firing in every direction, he's stepped sideways and become part of the arrangement. Geoff Emerick's production has introduced irony and distance which allows for fury, ambiguity, laughs and smart window dressing. The balance is brilliant and lets Costello get away with blue murder.

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The Face, No. 28, August 1982

Ian Birch reviews Imperial Bedroom.


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