The Nutley Brass: Beat On The Brass

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Beat On The Brass
The Nutley Brass Beat On The Brass album cover.jpg
Studio album by
The Nutley Brass
LabelNectar Masters

1996 album by The Nutley Brass includes a cover of "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea".


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Beat On The Brat  Ramones 2:42
2. Shot By Both Sides  Devoto, Shelley 4:02
3. I'm Stranded  Bailey, Kuepper 2:32
4. Born To Lose  Thunders 1:31
5. Teenage Kicks  O'Neill 2:09
6. Eton Rifles  Paul Weller 2:15
7. No More Heroes  The Stranglers 2:21
8. Psycho Killer  Frantz, Byrne, Weymouth 3:21
9. Pretty Vacant  Matlock, Rotten, Cook, Jones 2:31
10. Tommy Gun  Joe Strummer, Mick Jones 2:21
11. Boredom  Devoto, Shelley 1:50
12. Hong Kong Garden  McKay, Morris, Sioux, Severin 2:19
13. New Rose  Brian James 2:47
14. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea  Elvis Costello 2:15
15. Into The Valley  Jobson, Adamson 2:52
16. Gary Gilmore's Eyes  T. V. Smith 2:00
17. Marquee Moon  Tom Verlaine 3:17
18. Another Girl, Another Planet  Peter Perrett 2:25

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