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The Specials Specials album cover.jpg
studio album by
The Specials
RecordedSummer 1979 at TW Studios, London, Fulham
ProducerElvis Costello
Label2 Tone
The Specials:Specials, UK back cover
Side 1
Side 2

1st studio album by The Specials


Side 1
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. A Message To You, Rudy  R. Thompson 2:53
2. Do The Dog †  R. Thomas, arr. by J. Dammers 2:09
3. It's Up To You †  J. Dammers, The Specials 3:25
4. Nite Klub  J. Dammers, The Specials 3:22
5. Doesn't Make It Alright  B. Goldberg, J. Dammers 3:26
6. Concrete Jungle  R. Radiation 3:18
7. Too Hot  C. Campbell 3:09

Side 2
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Monkey Man  Hibbert 2:45
2. (Dawning Of A) New Era  J. Dammers 2:24
3. Blank Expression  J. Dammers, The Specials 2:43
4. Stupid Marriage  J. Dammers, M. Harrison, N. Staple 3:49
5. Too Much Too Young †  J. Dammers ack. to L. Charmers 3:49
6. Little Bitch †  J. Dammers 2:36
7. You're Wondering Now  Clement Seymour 2:31


  • † On at least some US releases, the song "Gangsters" appears between "Too Much Too Young" and "Little Bitch".
  • On some CD versions, "Gangsters" appears between "Do The Dog" and "It's Up To You".


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