The Unthanks: Diversions Vol. 3 - Songs From The Shipyards

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Diversions Vol. 3
Songs From The Shipyards
The Unthanks Songs From The Shipyards album cover.jpg
studio album by
The Unthanks
ReleasedNovember 5, 2012
ProducerAdrian McNally
LabelRabble Rouser
Back cover and front cover.

2012 album by The Unthanks includes a cover of "Shipbuilding."


Disc 1
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. The Romantic Tees (prelude)     
2. A Great Northern River     
3. Black Trade     
4. Fairfield Crane     
5. Big Steamers     
6. All In A Day     
7. The Romantic Tees (Romantic Tees/Tyne Slides By/Looking Back Song)   
8. Shipbuilding  Elvis Costello & Clive Langer  
9. Monkey Dung Man     
10. Taking On Men     
11. Only Remembered     

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