The Very Best Of Éthiopiques (2007) liner notes

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Elvis Costello

This is a unique record release series, much of it from the glorious explosion of soulful, sorrowful and joyful music cut between the repression of absolute monarchy and the cultural insanity of the Derg regime. The spoilt complaints of Western pop musicians pale into insignificance compared to the defiant human spirit contained in these recordings.

Do yourself a favour and discover the Ethiopian R&B counterparts to James Brown, Elvis Presley and Jackie Wilson but also jazz composers, choral groups, folk minstrels and bluesmen with power and wildness of Bukka White or Son House, or contemplative piano music that might suggest Bill Evans or Maurice Ravel for a moment, but is really from a strange and wonderful place of its own.

— Elvis Costello


The Very Best Of Éthiopiques (2007) liner notes

EC's testimonial for the liner notes of The Very Best Of Éthiopiques: Hypnotic Grooves From The Legendary Series.


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