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The Word

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Live At The El Mocambo

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Paul Du Noyer

New series of Costello live albums starts on a ferocious high

Costello was tasting rock and roll stardom for the first time when he played this nightclub show in Toronto, back in March 1978. The sell-out crowd were already hooked on his debut LP My Aim Is True. Now, with his newly recruited band The Attractions and a second album ready to go, he really seized the moment. The gig was recorded for the radio, put out as a promo, circulated as a bootleg and finally given legit release in 1993. The updated version has the same, pleasingly cheap yellow artwork, and you have to love a club that has both "The" and "El" in its name. There are now a few more minutes of crowd noise in-between the tracks, but it's still a record without a trace of excess weight. He ignores a call for the popular slowie "Alison," favouring the terse brutality of "Mystery Dance" and "Lipstick Vogue." Urgent and thrilling, it's among the rare live albums that can actually make you sweat.

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The Word, No. 83, January 2010

Paul Du Noyer reviews Live At The El Mocambo.


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