Thea Gilmore: Strange Communion

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Strange Communion
Thea Gilmore Strange Communion album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Thea Gilmore
ReleasedNovember 2, 2009
LabelFruitcake (UK)
Rykodisc (US)

2009 album by Thea Gilmore includes a cover of "St. Stephen's Day Murders."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Sol Invictus  Thea Gilmore 2:44
2. Thea Gilmore's Midwinter Toast  Thea Gilmore 3:34
3. Cold Coming  Thea Gilmore 3:54
4. That'll Be Christmas  Thea Gilmore, Nigel Stonier 3:09
5. Listen, The Snow Is Falling  Yoko Ono 3:22
6. Drunken Angel  Thea Gilmore 4:16
7. St. Stephen's Day Murders (duet with Mark Radcliffe)Paddy Moloney, Elvis Costello 3:39
8. December In New York  Thea Gilmore 4:11
9. Book of Christmas  Nigel Stonier 2:58
10. Old December  Thea Gilmore, Nigel Stonier 3:33


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