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Gone are the hours that I once would wish away
Night was just the darker alternative to day
Looking for someone to love and then betray
Although I still knelt down to pray

Gone is the spirit that was reaching for the stars
Free are all the prisoners that holler at the bars
Just as the glasses were drained the cheer died down
That when you could still say that it lived in this town

Gone are the breezes that could rustle all the leaves
Spent at snow as it settles on the eves
Sullen at the hangman when he hears the reprieve
God give me someone I can bereave

Gone are the statesmen who utter words I could believe
Now there is just a salesman who tugs upon my sleeve
And there is no one left to impress


I'm not following down to the lowering
I'm not buying anything I don't already own

Threnody (unreleased song)
Words byElvis Costello
Music byMarian McPartland
Performed byElvis Costello & Marian McPartland

 Elvis wrote lyrics for this Marian McPartland instrumental, and the duo performed it once in 2006.
Only known performance:
September 2, 2006, Tanglewood Jazz Festival, Lenox, MA
     (1 known performance)

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