Time Out, November 5, 1997

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Time Out


Radio daze

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Elvis Costello - Blood And Chocolate
Possibly the most easily spotted Radiohead influence, Elvis’s angriest album nods many parallels in Thom’s more bilious lyrics. Thom finally met Elvis Costello two years ago when Costello approached him at a festival. It tums out that Elvis had heard Thom on the radio singing his praises and felt compelled to thank him personally: "When I was about 16," recalls Thom, "Blood And Chocolate was the album that made me change the way I thought about recording and writing music, lyrics too. Everything about that record — even the way he got the artist to do the sleeve — is just awesome. Even the way he sang it so that he couldn’t hear his voice on the headphones so that he’d really have to belt it out." His "Tokyo Storm Warning" has a similar feel to "Electioneering." Almost rockabilly, you know?’

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Time Out, No. 1420, November 5-12, 1997

In Peter Paphides interview with Radiohead, Thom Yorke cites Blood & Chocolate as an influence.


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