Tini Kainrath and StringFizz: The Juliet Letters

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The Juliet Letters
Tini Kainrath StringFizz The Juliet Letters album cover.jpg
tribute album by
Tini Kainrath and StringFizz

2005 tribute to The Juliet Letters by Tini Kainrath and StringFizz.


TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. Deliver Us  (instrumental)Declan MacManus  
2. For Other Eyes  Declan MacManus, Paul Cassidy & Marina ThomasDeclan MacManus  
3. Swine  Declan MacManus & Paul CassidyDeclan MacManus  
4. Expert Rites  Declan MacManusDeclan MacManus  
5. Dead Letter  (instrumental)Paul Cassidy  
6. I Almost Had A Weakness  Declan MacManusMichael Thomas & Declan MacManus  
7. Why?  Ian Belton & Declan MacManusDeclan MacManus  
8. Who Do You Think You Are?  Declan MacManus & Marina ThomasMichael Thomas  
9. Taking My Life In Your Hands  Declan MacManus, Jacqueline Thomas, Marina Thomas & Paul CassidyJacqueline Thomas & Declan MacManus  
10. This Offer Is Unrepeatable  Declan MacManus & Paul CassidyIan Belton, Paul Cassidy, Jacqueline Thomas, Michael Thomas & Declan MacManus  
11. Dear Sweet Filthy World  Declan MacManus, Ian Belton & Marina ThomasDeclan MacManus  
12. The Letter Home  Declan MacManus & Paul CassidyIan Belton & Declan MacManus  
13. Jacksons, Monk And Rowe  Michael Thomas, Jacqueline Thomas & Declan MacManusMichael Thomas  
14. This Sad Burlesque  Declan MacManusPaul Cassidy  
15. Romeo's Seance  Marina Thomas & Declan MacManusMichael Thomas & Declan MacManus  
16. I Thought I'd Write To Juliet  Declan MacManusDeclan MacManus  
17. Last Post  (instrumental)Michael Thomas  
18. The First To Leave  Declan MacManusDeclan MacManus  
19. Damnation's Cellar  Declan MacManusDeclan MacManus  
20. The Birds Will Still Be Singing  Declan MacManusDeclan MacManus  

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