Tommy McLain: I Ran Down Every Dream

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I Ran Down Every Dream
Tommy McLain I Ran Down Every Dream album cover.jpg
studio album by
Tommy McLain
ReleasedAugust 25, 2022 (digital, CD and vinyl)
RecordedAlnico Studio - Austin, TX    Wolf Cabin - Oxfordshire, UK    Some Punkins - Los Angeles, CA
ProducerC.C. Adcock
LabelYep Roc

2022 album by Tommy McLain includes two songs co-written by Elvis Costello, "I Ran Down Every Dream" (a duet between McLain and Costello) and "My Hidden Heart."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. No Tomorrows Now  Tommy McLain 3:08
2. I Ran Down Every Dream (feat. Elvis Costello)  Tommy McLain, C.C. Adcock & Elvis Costello 3:22
3. I Hope  Robert Guidry, Stanley Lewis 3:47
4. Livin' On The Losin' End  Tommy McLain 2:53
5. The Greatest Show On Hurt  Tommy McLain, Nick Lowe 3:24
6. California  Tommy McLain 2:54
7. That's What Mama Used To Do  Tommy McLain, C.C. Adcock 3:41
8. Somebody (feat. Augie Meyers & C.C. Adcock)  Tommy McLain, C.C. Adcock 3:29
9. My Hidden Heart  Elvis Costello & C.C. Adcock 3:27
10. Stand For Something  Tommy McLain 2:24
11. If You Don't Love Me  Tommy McLain 3:43
12. Before I Grow Too Old  Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Domino, Robert Guidry 2:48
13. London Too  Tommy McLain, C.C. Adock, Louis Eliot 4:56


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