Tribute To Paul Simon

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Tribute To Paul Simon
Tribute To Paul Simon album cover.jpg
Tribute album by
Various artists
ReleasedMay 1, 2007
RecordedJuly 4, 2006, Montreal Jazz Festival
LabelDu Reve Canada

2007 tribute to Paul Simon includes "Peace Like A River" performed by Elvis Costello, and "American Tune" performed by Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello, recorded July 4, 2006, Montreal Jazz Festival.


Side One
TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Take Me To The Mardi Gras  Zachary Richard & Allen Toussaint 4:14
2. America  Michel Rivard 4:10
3. The Boxer  Michel Rivard & Ariane Moffatt 5:51
4. A Hazy Shade Of Winter  Ariane Moffatt 3:01
5. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard  Kevin Parent 3:36
6. Cecilia  Colin James 4:34
7. Late In The Evening  Sam Roberts 5:07
8. You Can Call Me Al  Sam Roberts 5:01
9. Still Crazy After All These Years  Jim Cuddy 3:29
10. Peace Like A River  Elvis Costello 5:00
11. American Tune  Allen Toussaint & Elvis Costello 4:11
12. Bridge Over Troubled Water  Zachary Richard 5:10
Bonus tracks
TitlePerformer(s) Length
13. The Sound Of Silence  read by Leonard Cohen 2:43


  • The album title is in both French and English: Hommage à / Tribute to Paul Simon par / by

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