Trouser Press, August 1979

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Trouser Press
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The rock movie is not only back this year, it seems to be on the verge of becoming a cinematic flood, the likes of which may rival the karate craze of a few years back. With the Ramones rocking the drive-in circuit with their oeuvre, Rock and Roll High School and the Who documentary, The Kids Are Alright just released, and lots more on the way, it's certainly the year of the real rock movie (unlike last year's discoed dumparoos). On the way are both American and English offerings, some major, some minor, but all sound worth an evening's time. Neil Young's film, Rust Never Sleeps, with Devo and "a cast of thousands" will open soon, as will Americathan, a self-described "$400 billion film," which features appearances by Elvis Costello and Meatloaf. Kiss's movie Attack of the Phantoms, should be in the theaters later this year, as will something called Carny, which stars Gary Busey and Robbie Robertson. A few unknown quantities are also on the way from American filmmakers — The Apple, billed as "the BIG Science Fiction Romance Rock Opera of the '80s"; a mystery called The Year of the Cat, which one assumed has something to do with Al Stewart's song of the same name, and Living Legend, which looks, from the ads, like another Elvis Presley imitator vehicle.

From across the ocean, there are two Who-built projects Quadrophenia, which is done but not released yet, and McVicar, a drama about a famous English criminal, that will star Roger Daltrey in the title role. The Clash have made an as-yet-untitled movie that will probably never be shown in the States. There's a picture called That Summer! which is currently showing in England, with a soundtrack that features a dozen cool bands, from Elvis to Patti Smith to Richard Hell to Ian Dury. What the film is about, we don't know, but the soundtrack LP (on UK Arista) sounds good. Moving right along, there's some sort of dopey-looking futuristic flick called Patrick, with music composed and conducted by Brian May, and we can guess that it's the same. If not, tough. Get out that popcorn — here come the movies!!!

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Trouser Press, No. 41, August 1979

Trouser Press reports on upcoming rock films, including Americathon.


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