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Trouser Press
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Keeping up with Mr. C.

Fax 'N' Rumours

Elvis Costello, preparing for his third recorded assault on the American music scene, has finished his latest album, Armed Forces, produced by Nick Lowe. Schedules call for an early January release, with a US tour following. Just before embarking on a brief series of Canadian gigs in early November, Elvis showed up at CBGBs one night during a benefit concert and played a few songs with Richard Hell (all carefully prearranged, of course). In recent months, Elvis has been seen in the company of Todd Rundgren's wife, Bebe, and reports suggest that Mrs. Costello and children have been given the royal heave by four-eyes. This Year's Model, indeed!

Photo by Marie Scuderi.
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Trouser Press, No. 35, January 1979

Fax 'N' Rumours includes a brief report on Elvis Costello.

The lyrics to "Hand In Hand" are printed in the folios of pages 13-50.


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Page scan and clipping.

The lyrics to "Hand In Hand" appear in the folio of pages 13 through 50.
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