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Trouser Press
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High Fidelity

Elvis Costello

Jim Green

Elvis Costello & the Attractions: "High Fidelity" b/w "Getting Mighty Crowded" & "Clowntime Is Over" (alternate version) — (UK) F-Beat XX3-12.

You've already got the A-side on Get Happy!!, but not the B's. "Clowntime" (on the 12" single only) is totally different from the album version; El loosens his tie for a Sinatra-esque run-through, just him, some rim-taps and somber but insistent bass/organ triplets. While everybody predicted EC would turn into a country singer, he's been digging up obscure soul tunes. "Getting Mighty Crowded" is a Betty Everett number penned by the late Van McCoy (pre-"Hustle"). It's given an uptempo soul-shoes treatment similar to "Can't Stand Up" but a touch funkier to match the "I won't be stepped on" lyrics (which are more Elvis's style anyway).

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Trouser Press, No. 52, July 1980

Jim Green reviews the single for "High Fidelity."


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Cover and page scan.
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