Trouser Press, October 1978

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Elvis Costello in Opryland

Fax 'N' Rumours

Word comes from a nominally reliable source that Elvis Costello will appear on the next album by country singer George Jones. Jones's next album is reportedly scheduled to be a collection of duets with noted singers, and amid the Dolly Partons, Tammy Wynettes and others of the ilk, will be our boy Elvis, laying new crossover ground with his song, "Stranger in the House." On a similar note, could the Rumour's involvement with Carlene Carter signify a new direction for the Riviera/Stiff/Dave Robinson unofficial axis? Perhaps in months to come we'll be hearing the Porter Wagoner/ Nick Lowe country-disco fusion, or maybe an Ian Dury/ Hargus "Pig" Robbins (no relation to our esteemed publisher) attempt at creating a trans-oceanic blockhead fusion? We here at Trouser Press firmly hope that this new trend ends as suddenly as it began. Who needs English heroes turning up on next year's Hee Haw episodes?

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Trouser Press, No. 32, October 1978

Fax 'N' Rumours reports EC will appear on George Jones' next album.


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Photo by Tim Shonnard.
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Cover and page scan.
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