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Costello, Renaissance here for the holiday

Chuck Graham

The stateside career of Elvis Costello was spawned by the new wave of interest in British bar bands that began a couple of years ago with punk rock groups such as the Sex Pistols.

Now it's Costello who is developing the staying power most groups that play this kind of fundamental hard rock have lacked.

Singing with an intensity that still retains touches of being civilized, Costello has had two albums released in the United States. Both are currently charted by Billboard magazine. They are My Aim Is True and This Year's Model.

This Sunday Costello will play the Community Center Music Hall, the featured attraction on a bill that also includes Mink DeVille and Nick Lowe. It will be a concert of primal rock 'n' roll, beginning at 8 p.m.

Mink DeVille is a New York City street ensemble answer to the Costello breed of British rock. Willie DeVille is the group's central figure.

"The Beatles and Rolling Stones are old men now and they should get out of the way. We are doing our damndest to find something else," DeVille has said, adding that his musical inspiration was "mostly from street cats who would sing on the corner" in Manhattan. "Even winos singing in the Bowery, those are the kind of people who turned me on."

The humor of this current rock fad is caught by Nick Lowe, another Englander whose current album Pure Pop For The Now People has become a favorite of the critics. Lowe's style is to put pop music cliches to work for him, making fresh statements laden with sardonic wit and cynicism.

"This album is garbage music, trash music. It's here today, gone tomorrow music, and it should be approached that way. Other people put out their kinds of records and call it art. Mine is just for the moment," Lowe told a representative of Billboard.

Tickets for the concert are $6.50 and $7.50 at all Community Center outlets.

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Tucson Citizen, May 26, 1978

Chuck Graham profiles Elvis Costello, Mink DeVille and Nick Lowe ahead of the concert, Sunday, May 28, 1978, Community Center Music Hall, Tucson, Arizona.


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