UNSW Tharunka, August 21, 1978

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This Year's Model

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This time last year Elvis Costello was languishing replete with his heavy rimmed spectacles and his drainpipe suits in Hounslow and in almost total obscurity. But that was all before Costello's debut album My Aim Is True which with hindsight was one of the years better albums. On This Years Model Costello and his music reach newer and greater heights than on that debut effort. The songs in particular are superb.

Costello has the knack of writing about normal human experiences in a manner that is essentially unmelodramatic. Belted out in his nasal whine — they are riveting. And the Attraction — the backing group — lays down superb 60s rock 'n' roll tunes in a way that is vigorous yet with a dilettante's taste for consummate rock 'n' roll artistry. In short This Years Model is last years model and much mare..


Tharunka, August 21 - 28, 1978

Janus reviews This Year's Model.


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