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Costello doesn't want to go

Elvis Costello / I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea


Special gift-wrapped package

My roommate, who knows about these things and has both the Elvis Costello albums, says Elvis did this one at his concert here a while ago.

I wouldn't know. But whatever the case, "I don't Want to Go to Chelsea" is now out on a three-song 45, specially gift-wrapped in a shiny colour cover, and as good a buy as you are going to get at one and a half bucks.

I love it. It takes me back to those good old days which I can barely remember of English rock of the 1960s, when songs had catchy melodies and jogalong rhythms, and no one had even thought of either Barry Manilow (yawn) or Meatloaf (yeauch!).

These three songs are all like that (although the last one, "Night Rally" is a little obscure). With only three songs to talk about this could be a very short review, but here goes:

"I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea" is a very cute song with a nice little guitar hook. I'm not exactly sure just why it is that he does not want to go to Chelsea, but he seems very definite about it. Pleasant and unpresumptuous, as they say in the wine business.

"Tiny Steps" had me overflowing with sentimentality the first time I heard it. It has a very sweet chorus that says "Tiny steps, almost real, tiny fingers you can almost feel," and it seems quite a darling little song until you hear it for the third or fourth time, then something about the rest of the words begins to sound a little odd. Perhaps even perverse. Not something to sing In the shower.

"Night Rally" is the obscure one. I like the atmosphere-creating organ, but I always seem to lose interest in the sung halfway through. Stop and listen to it again with rapt attention. Sociological, political, ominous words. The sky is falling! I don't know why they can't leave politics to the politicians. But I do like the way the song cuts off suddenly at the end.

That will have to be enough because there is no more to be said. No padding on this writer. An "A" class 45 worth ten minutes of anyone's time. Thank you and good night.


The Manitoban, December 7, 1978

Sooxce reviews the single for "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea."


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