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in order to make the Home Page Wiki even more the comprehensive source, for all things EC, would it be appropriate to add a section on EC's film or TV appearances? I know you can find these through IMDB, but we could add links to songs (e.g. his appearances in the Austin Powers movies), DVD releases, soundtracks (e.g. Straight to Hell). We could add links to DVD releases in the Shop. The TV appearances would be for dramas or sit coms, rather than the usual Letterman or Jools Holland appearances. I have in mind stuff like Scully or The Simpsons. We used to see Alan Bleasdale (who directed Scully and the film No Surrender) waiting outside the stage door of the Liverpool Philharmonic after each EC show.

-- Nick Ratcliffe

Yes, it's in here somewhere, but it's only a cut-and-paste from the old page. Just search on Scully or Simpsons and you'll find it. At this point it's probably four years out-of-date. It needs better formatting iirc. -- JohnH 15:34, 24 October 2010 (UTC)

Elvis plays live for Warner Brothers staff


I have been trawling Youtube and similar adding clips to the gigography. This one is a puzzle:


It has a helpful title page showing precise venue and date. The only problem is that the venue is California, and the date comes in the same week when EC was playing in London and Cardiff. There is nothing listed in the gigography for this date.

It is possible that he flew seven hours across the Atlantic for this event, then another seven hours straight back again, but it does not sound likely. Another possibility is that this clip is from the concert at Warner Brothers listed in the gigography on 26 April 1989. However, the set list for that concert (and the bootleg recording that exists) don't include this song.

Do we need an "apocrypha" for material to be included in the Wiki where the origins are dubious?


Condemned Man

Thanks for the heads up about the naming question. My practice is to defer to the most recent info available, which is why I initiated the change, but that's been superseded by the official site's reuse of the "Condemned Man" title, so I've undone my change. By the way, I'm still trying to puzzle out why different sources vary on the length of some of the songs on the album, but that's more for my own sensibility than for adding information to the wiki. On the other hand, I haven't noticed any reference here to the Lupe-O-Tone 78s that were pressed as part of the National Ransom promotion. Should this be added to the wiki? I've personally been reluctant to add it as I haven't actually seen even a picture of one yet. Fenway 16:20, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

Rob Wasserman Trios Gold CD question

I noticed that the gold cd for Trios by Rob Wasserman doesn't seem to be listed on the site. (Here's a link to it's page on Amazon: Trios [gold]) I wasn't sure where (or perhaps if) it should be added to the wiki; should it get its own entry or be added to the existing Trios page? Any suggestions on how I should proceed? Fenway (talk) 16:35, 3 December 2013 (CST)Fenway