Vanity Fair, November 2003

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Vanity Fair


The Funny Valentines

Diana Krall and Elvis Costello, musicians, singers, lovers, upholders of the virtue of songcraft.

Vanity Fair

Krall: seven albums; two Grammys.

Costello: 24 albums; one Grammy; inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.

Two old souls: he, the kind of guy who, at the age of 19, could write the lyric "Bad lovers face to face in the morning / Shy apologies and polite regrets"; she, the kind of gal who, with that beguiling, oboe-rich alto, already sounded like an accomplished contemporary of Rosemary Clooney's or Ella Fitzgerald's on her earliest recordings. That these two paragons of Cole Porter urbanity and grown-up mischief should find themselves engaged, well, it's delovely, wunderbar, the top, magnifique, and whatever other Porter allusion you care to deploy. We'll leave it to the likes of People and Us to speculate about babies on the way, but already, we can report, there has been some cross-pollination: Elvis, a longtime guitar man, is now singing while playing piano, and Diana, a longtime "interpreter", is now writing her own songs.

Photographed by Mark Seliger in New York City on August 27, 2003.

Styled by Wendy Schecter. Krall's Gown by Vera Wang; Shoes by Jimmy Choo; earrings by Stephen Russell. Costello's suit and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana; shirt and tie Richard James. Hair products by Phyto; makeup products by Woman Cosmetics; hair, makeup, and grooming by Voula Ampas; set design by the Marla Weinhoff Studio.


Vanity Fair, November 2003

Vanity Fair profiles Elvis Costello and Diana Krall.


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Photo by Mark Seliger.

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