Variety, September 16, 2021

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Elvis Costello on the endurance of 'This Year’s Model'

And what's gained in translation with new 'Spanish Model'

Chris Willman

Looking back to 1978, Costello says, "When we made 'Pump It Up,' I said, 'Well, this is as good as 'Satisfaction.' Let's see whether other people think that.'" In 2021, Latin stars like Juanes and Luis Fonsi are singing his second album's praises.

In 1978, Elvis Costello looked at a society's collective eagerness to move on to the next thing and snipped, "Capital punishment, she's last year's model." Stick around for another 43 years, though, and you may find out that this is your reward: There's a sort of brand new version of his classic sophomore album. This Year's Model has been retooled as Spanish Model, with stars from the various worlds of Latin music being brought in to replace Costello's original lead vocals and replace them with their own, in one of the most unexpected and delightful musical wrinkles of a 2021 that would seem to have seen it all.

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Variety, September 16, 2021

Chris Willman interviews Elvis Costello.


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Photos by Paul Moore.

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Producer Sebastian Krys, guest singer Nina Diaz and Elvis Costello.


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