Victoria Times Colonist, August 27, 1983

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Punch The Clock

Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Frances Litman

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Elvis Costello isn't getting older, he's getting better. At least, that's my impression after listening to his new album Punch the Clock.

Costello presents an engaging array of innovative and diversified musical styles in an album containing 13 full-length songs.

The tracks range from boogie to blues with love ballads and pop standards in between.

Musical undertones reminiscent of both Billy Joel and Joe Jackson were evident in a few songs, particularly those on side two. However, Costello's original artistic endeavors earn him the acclaim he has grown to receive.

Punch the Clock features the welcome addition of background female vocals and a horn section which stretches Costello's formerly well defined parameters of contemporary rock and roll.

Heading for the radio spotlight is "Pills and Soap," "Everyday I Write the Book," "The Greatest Thing," "The Invisible Man," "Let Them All Talk" and numerous other songs full of potential.

Costello, like most of his contemporaries, is also planning a video — it may be worth watching for.


Times Colonist, August 27, 1983

Frances Litman reviews Punch The Clock.


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