Vox, September 1991

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The wit and wisdom of Elvis Costello


The only two things that matter to me, the only motivation points for me writing all these songs are revenge and guilt. Those are the only emotions I know about, that I know I can feel.

Somebody should clip Sting around the head and tell him to stop singing in that ridiculous Jamaican accent.

Basically, Elvis Costello is a brand name, like Ferrari.

Michael Jackson? He'll be forgotten in 50 years. He'll be like this person who statistically was famous… He's just a facsimile of excitement.

Somebody wrote me a letter that they really loved "Shipbuilding" because it was such a great song about that couple going boating! It's always worth leaving enough leeway for people to hang themselves.

I made 12 albums in eight years. Inevitably a quarter of the songs must not be worth having written, let alone recorded.

I can be watching a programme about tadpoles, and some sort of poetry will appear out of it. I don't know whether that's a talent or a nervous tic.

My mother tells me I could work a record player before I could walk!

I think I walk my own road; occasionally I intersect with other things, small, windy roads that take me somewhere I want to go, and other times I hit Main Street.

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Vox, No. 12, September 1991

Vox assembles some random EC quotes.


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