Vulture Hound, October 2015

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Vulture Hound
  • 2015 October

UK & Ireland magazines


Elvis Costello

Michael Dickinson

Unfaithful and Disappearing Ink, the long-awaited autobiography from Elvis Costello is nearly here. After a career that has seen the man write some of the finest post-punk, rock n’roll hits, performing with some of the finest bands in the world (e.g. Suicide), writing classics for other people (Robert Wyatt’s Shipbuilding), finding a latter day career as a jazz artist and being an all round good egg, his Simpsons appearance remains a high point. His new tome promises to be an intriguing root into one of the countries true living legends.

Described as “acerbic, lyrical, honest and outright funny as the songs that have made him famous”. It’s full of amazing anecdotes and revelations about an incredible life in rock and roll it’s out on October 13th in book form, enhanced eBook and audiobook it promises to be an essential for all post-punk, jazz, rock n’roll and folk fans.


Vulture Hound, October 2015

Micheal Dickinson reports on Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.


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Photo by M. Kuwamoto.
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