Weird Nightmare

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Weird nightmare
You haunt my every dream
Weird nightmare
Tell me what's your scheme?
Can it be that you're a part
Of a lonely broken heart?

Weird nightmare
Why must you torment me?
Weird nightmare
Pain and misery
In a heart that's loved and lost
Take away the grief you've caused

Can't sleep at night
Twist, turn in fright
With the fear that I'll live it all again
In my dreams

You're there to haunt me
When you say she doesn't want me
I've been hurt
Do you know what that means?

Weird nightmare
Take away this dream you've borne
Weird nightmare
Mend a heart that's torn
That has paid the price of love
A thousand fold
Bring me a love
With a heart of gold

Weird nightmare

Weird Nightmare
Written byCharles Mingus
Produced byHal Willner
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocal, harmonic canon
Michael Blair - cloud chamber bowls
Marc Ribot - marimba eroica
Don Alias - bass marimba
Henry Threadgill - flute
Art Baron - great bass recorder, trombone
Greg Cohen - bass
Bill Frisell - guitar
Francis Thumm - Chromelodeon II
Recorded1990, Mastersound Studios, New York
ReleasedSeptember 1992
Various Artists collectionsWeird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus, 1992
PromosWeird Nightmare Promo, 1992
Hal Willner Presents Weird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus Special Sampler, 1992
NoteWeird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus also includes a 0:40 "reprise" which seems to be an excerpt from the main track.

Alternate versions

Weird Nightmare (Live 1995)
Performed byElvis Costello & Bill Frisell
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocal
Bill Frisell - guitar
RecordedJune 25, 1995, London, England
ReleasedAugust 14, 1995
AlbumsDeep Dead Blue, 1995

Weird Nightmare: Meditations On MingusWeird Nightmare Meditations On Mingus album cover.jpg

Deep Dead BlueDeep Dead Blue album cover.jpg

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