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Welcome To The Voice, 2007

"A modern opera by Steve Nieve and Muriel Teodori." Performed by Steve Nieve, Barbara Bonney, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Elvis Costello, and The Brodsky Quartet. Released 4 May 2007 in Germany, 15 May in USA.

Elvis played the lead role in a 2000-06-09 concert performance, but he plays a smaller role on the CD version.


01. Prologue Of Dionysos (10:54) - Sting, Steve Nieve
02. Song Of The Ghost Of Carmen (6:02) - Sarah Fulgoni, Sting, Steve Nieve
03. Grand Grand Freedom (7:08) - Sting, Steve Nieve, Robert Wyatt, The Steel Workers Chorus
04. Unfailing Welcome To The Voice (4:05) - Sting, Steve Nieve
05. Song Of The Ghost Of Butterfly (2:47) - Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
06. Song Of The Ghost Of Norma (4:37) - Amanda Roocroft, Steve Nieve
07. To Be Is Strong (3:30) - Sting, Steve Nieve
08. Perfume Song (4:47) - Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve
09. The Desire Of Dionysos (2:36) - Sting, Steve Nieve
10. Troublemaker (4:14) - Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
11. Don't Touch Him (4:36) - Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve
12. Distanciation (0:46) - Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
13. Happiness? (3:02) - Robert Wyatt, Sting, Steve Nieve
14. Despair (6:45) - Elvis Costello, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Barbara Bonney, Amanda Roocroft, Sarah Fulgoni, Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
15. The Unlikely Duet (4:59) - Sting, Barbara Bonney, Sarah Fulgoni, Robert Wyatt, Nathalie Manfrino, Amanda Roocroft, Elvis Costello, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus


  • "Welcome To The Voice" is a new classical piece — oh, I might as well admit it, it's an opera with a libretto by the French writer Muriel Teodori and music by Steve Nieve, best known to the hoi polloi as the brilliant pianist in Elvis Costello & the Attractions. It's a piece about the clash between high culture and low, the upper class and the workers, and Nieve has very cleverly cast legit opera singers such as Barbara Bonney and Amanda Roocroft as the Sacred Voices, and rock singers like Costello and Sting as the Profane Voices. It's a conceit worthy of Bertold Brecht and it really works. Whether you come in through the front door of serious music or the servant's entrance of pop, "Welcome To The Voice" will make you feel welcome at the party.Bill Flanagan, CBS News

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