Western Daily Press, June 23, 1994

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Western Daily Press
  • 1994 June 23

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Glastonbury 94

Elvis Costello

Western Daily Press

COSTELLO records have for years been the refuge of angst-ridden individuals, teenaged and older, who feel an uncontrollable urge to plumb the depths of depression.

But he can be expected to be in happier frame of mind on stage.

Recently, Elvis has been mostly involved with solo projects, producing and writing for various bands, including last year’s unlikely but extremely effective solo debut by the newly non-bimboesque Wendy James.

This year the small and big screens have also claimed him more and more as he performed on the soundtrack to Roddy Doyle’s controversial Family TV drama and wrote songs for Annie Ross to perform in Robert Altman’s wonderful Short Cuts movie.

Something of an elder statesman of rock, always critically applauded but not consistently popular, his new Brutal Youth album is very much a return to form.

Backing band The Attractions have returned to the fold both for the album and for live appearances, including this Saturday night’s headlining show on the main stage.

It will be the first time they have appeared together at Glastonbury since 1987.


Western Daily Press, June 23, 1994

Western Daily Press profiles Elvis Costello ahead of the Glastonbury Festival, Saturday, June 25, 1994, Pilton, England.


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