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Hall of Famer Elvis Costello proves
his aim is still true

Scott Waldyn

Senior English major Adam Szalowski said he has waited a long time to see a quality musician at Western Illinois University. Monday night at Western Hall, Szalowski's four-year disappointment ended.

Elvis Costello, who took a beeak from touring with Bob Dylan, entertained concertgoers for nearly two hours and left fans wanting more.

"I've been waiting for four years to get good acts here," Szalowski said after the show. "(Costello) is one of the best musicians of our time, our generation. He has the best voice."

The much-anticipated show, which was organized by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, was not quite filled to capacity but still left fans with an overall positive feeling about the performance.

The legend wasted no time on introductions when he first walked onto the stage, hopping right into playing "(Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes," one of his iconic songs. Costello played both classic and new songs during his lengthy performance, including "Veronica" and some newly written ones that are, as of yet, unfinished.

The London-born artist also tried very hard to engage the audience by encouraging them to clap and sing along. He told. anecdotes and stories from his life between songs.

"When I was starting out playing the guitar, I couldn't get a gig anywhere. And the only place we could get to play was a lonely-hearts club. It wasn't that famous one that The Beatles sang at," Costello humorously reflected. "It was kind of about the worst gig you could have if you were a novice musician, because a lonely-hearts club by definition is filled with people who are too shy to do just about everything, including clap."

A little over an hour into the show, Costello left the stage. However, he was given a boisterous standing ovation for an invitation to make an encore performance, which he gladly accepted. For the next hour, he was given several subsequent ovations to continue playing until he appeared too weary to continue.

The only problem that arose with the concert was near the end, when one of the speakers seemed to experience some technical difficulties, blasting a heavy amount of static and other tinny noises. Nonetheless, the majority of those in attendance seemed to be very pleased and entertained, smiling on their way out.

"I thought the show was amazing. It's one of those things I never thought I would see on campus," said Joe Wagener, sophomore broadcasting major. It was really cool watching a musician that was so comfortable with every song he played. It was just amazing to see a true legend at work."


Western Courier, The Edge, October 19, 2007

Scott Waldyn reviews Elvis Costello, solo, Monday, October 15, 2007, Western Hall, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL.


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Photo by Steve Scapardine.
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Photo by Steve Scapardine.

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