When Did I Stop Dreaming?

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You appeared when I was lost in reverie
If this is not a dream, it's my mistake
And now I lie in wait for dawn to break
I'm fairly sure I'm wide awake

Pardon me, if I seem distant and strange
Just tell me when did I stop dreaming?
Let me get this straight
Did I hallucinate?
This fine and helpless feeling
Tell me when did I stop dreaming?

Let me know if you can help me explain
I didn't recognise the danger
But people will talk
Was I just sleepwalking?
Footprints left on the ceiling
Tell me when did I stop dreaming?

Then why should you care?
This is my nightmare
Was this one dream too deep?
Now if I could only sleep

Answer me, if you see the end in sight
I'm just a soul who's lost in limbo
Neither bad or good
I'd spare you now if I could
One more teardrop
Then I'll wake up
Tell me when did I stop dreaming?

When Did I Stop Dreaming?
Written byElvis Costello
Performed byElvis Costello
Produced byElvis Costello & Kevin Killen
Arranged byElvis Costello
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocals
Steve Nieve - piano
Peter Erskine - drums
Michael Formanek - bass
Pamela Sklar - alto flute
John Moses - clarinet
Roger Rosenberg - bass clarinet
Dave Mann - alto sax
Andy Snitzer - tenor sax
Bobby Routch - French horn
Bob Carlisle - French horn
Lew Soloff - flugelhorn
Conrad Herwig - tenor trombone
Dave Taylor - bass trombone
RecordedApril-May 2003, Nola Studios and/or Avatar Studios, New York
ReleasedSeptember 11, 2003
AlbumsNorth, 2003

First known performance:
September 22, 2003, New York, NY
     (23 known performances)

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