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My Aim Is TrueThis Year's ModelArmed ForcesGet Happy!!TrustImperial BedroomPunch The ClockGoodbye Cruel WorldKing Of America
Blood & ChocolateSpikeMighty Like A RoseThe Juliet LettersBrutal YouthAll This Useless BeautyPainted From MemoryFor The Stars
When I Was CruelNorthThe Delivery ManIl SognoMy Flame Burns BlueThe River In ReverseMomofukuSecret, Profane & SugarcaneNational Ransom
Wise Up GhostLook Now    Collections: Taking LibertiesOut Of Our IdiotUnfaithful Music & Soundtrack AlbumAll coversNo known covers


Dylan Posa In My Own Way 2016 Bandcamp

Spooky Girlfriend

Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie Das Beige Albumsung in German 2005 AmazonAmazon.ukAmazon.de

Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)

The Bangles Doll Revolution 2003 AllmusicAmazonAmazon.uk
The Bangles performed live, 2003, Berlin; Amsterdam; Tokyo; Costa Mesa 2003 etree
The Bangles Berlin 2003[bootleg] 2003 link
The Bangles UK Elvis Costello (2006)  (promo) 2006
Natalie Cortez Band performed live, Costello Tribute, 2017-03-16, Harlow's, Sacramento, CA 2017 YouTube
Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) demo recorded January 2001 2001
Oliver's Army (Dallas) performed live, Dallas-area Costello tribute band 2003 - OliversArmyBand
sASSafrASS performed live, The Roxy, Hollywood, CA YouTube

When I Was Cruel No. 2

no known covers

Soul For Hire

no known covers

15 Petals

Jamie N Commons The Baron EP 2011 Amazon.deYouTube
Norma Winstone It's Later Than You Think 2006 AmazonAmazon.uk


Basement App Swamp 2012 AmazonAllmusic
Kristen Cothron Show Me Where The Edge Is 2012 Amazon

Dust 2...

no known covers


no known covers


no known covers


no known covers

Daddy Can I Turn This?

no known covers

My Little Blue Window

no known covers

Episode Of Blonde

no known covers

Radio Silence

no known covers

Bonus tracks

Oh Well

no known covers