When Summer Comes

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The land was white
While the winter moon was absent from the night
And the blackness only pierced by far off stars
But as every day still succeeds the darkest moments we have known
When seasons turn
Springtime colours will return
And as the first pale flowers of the lengthening hours
Seem to brighten the twilight and that melancholy cloak
Then a fresh perfume just seems to burst from each bloom
Until the green shoots through each day
As it arrives in every shade of hope
When summer comes
There will be a dream of peace
And a breath that I've held so long that I can barely release
Then perhaps I may even find a room somewhere
Just a place I can still speak to you



Elvis added his lyrics to an instrumental piece by Oscar Peterson, and the finished song was performed by Diana Krall as part of an 80th birthday tribute to Peterson in Toronto on 2005-08-15. A version with Elvis' lyrics has yet to receive an official release.


As an instrumental:


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