Why Don't We Try Anymore

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Why Don't We Try Anymore (unreleased cover)
Written byJohn Doe (with uncredited assistance from Elvis Costello)
Performed byElvis Costello & The Attractions (1985-03-09)
Elvis Costello (1985-04-25)

 Elvis performed this song on two occasions in 1985, introducing it as a song he had recently co-written with John Doe of the band X.
 The song remained unreleased in any form until Doe's side project The Knitters released a version in 1999, with Doe credited as the sole writer. In 2005, The Knitters released a re-recorded version, retitled "Try Anymore (Why Don't We Even)."

First known performance:
March 9, 1985, London, England
Last known performance:
April 25, 1985, London, England
     (2 known performances)

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 The Knitters  2005 The Modern Sounds Of The Knitters AllmusicAmazon

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