Wind Walked By

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I thought I saw the wind walk by
Blue eyes, red cheeks and a packet of woe
Across the snow, past the crack in my rhyme
He said, "It's cold outside, brother can you spare a dime"

And the wind said
"You can count on me to give the morning its spark
Ruffle your hair, tell a joke and unwrap your heart
But times is hard now and I lost my home
My strength, my pride, scraped right down to the bone"

And I said - blow wind (wind walked by, wind walked by)

Dust bowl talks, tells tales of today
Shit outta luck, the American way
Wind left his wife, kids he couldn't afford
Said, "A dime's not enough,
Brother can you spare a quarter?"

Grinding over the bridge I saw that woman alone
Green arm held high with Emma Lazarus' poem
Straggled masses strewn o'er our lawn
Wondering who the hell can remember this song

And I said - blow wind (wind walked by, wind walked by)

Sun's gone down on a river of greed
Hedge fund tuxes have gone back to seed
The wind yelled "help" through a government phone
Even the wind needs more than a poem

And I say, "Blow, Wind Blow"

Wind Walked By
Words byRoy Nathanson
Music byRoy Nathanson and Tim Kiah
Performed byThe Jazz Passengers
Produced byHugo Dwyer and Roy Nathanson
MusiciansElvis Costello - lead vocal
Curtis Fowlkes - trombone, vocals
Roy Nathanson - alto & soprano sax, vocals
Bill Ware - vibes, vocals
Brad Jones - bass, vocals
E.J. Rodriguez - drums
Sam Bardfeld - violin
Marc Ribot - guitar
RecordedJune 26 and/or September 15, 2009, Kampo Cultural Center, New York, NY
ReleasedOctober 12, 2010
AlbumsThe Jazz Passengers: Reunited, 2010

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