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Words And Music Programme
Words And Music promo back cover .jpg
promotional album by
Elvis Costello
ProducerLarry Butler
(executive producer)

Mitchell Froom & Elvis Costello

Marc Graue (interview)


All songs written and composed by Declan MacManus
Segment 1 (24:30)
Title Length
1. Pony St.    
2. Kinder Murder    
3. 13 Steps Lead Down    
4. This Is Hell    
5. Clown Strike    
6. You Tripped At Every Step    
7. 20% Amnesia    
8. Sulky Girl    
9. interview    
Segment 2 (21:39)
Title Length
1. London's Brilliant Parade    
2. My Science Fiction Twin    
3. Rocking Horse Road    
4. Just About Glad    
5. All The Rage    
6. Favourite Hour    
7. interview    

Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1994-__-__ CD WEA PRO-CD-6955 US promo


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