Zoogz Rift: Looser Than Clams: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

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Looser Than Clams...
A Historical Retrospective
(Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)
Zoogz Rift- Looser Than Clams Greatest Hits Vol. 1 album cover.jpg
compilation album by
Zoogz Rift
ProducerZoogz Rift

1986 album by Zoogz Rift includes a cover of "High Fidelity."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. The Eiffel Tower  Scott Colby, Zoogz Rift 2:01
2. Idiots On The Miniature Golf Course  Zoogz Rift 0:28
3. Lobotomy  Zoogz Rift 0:26
4. Dinkle Dance  Zoogz Rift 4:30
5. Heart Attack  Zoogz Rift 2:06
6. Art Band  Zoogz Rift 4:18
7. Secret Marines - The Sequel  Zoogz Rift 9:28
8. No Use  Zoogz Rift 4:57
9. With The Necessary Changes Having Been Made  Zoogz Rift 4:23
10. Mutatis Mutandis  Zoogz Rift 6:48
11. Island Of Living Puke  Zoogz Rift 2:49
12. Torture Sequence  Zoogz Rift 0:56
13. You're Looking Me  Zoogz Rift 2:00
14. High Fidelity  Elvis Costello 3:44

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