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|year = 2012
|year = 2012
|link = [http://www.45worlds.com/book/title/stiff-records-a-comprehensive-guide-to-collecting-the-label-197679 45worlds.com] }}
|link = [http://www.45worlds.com/book/title/stiff-records-a-comprehensive-guide-to-collecting-the-label-197679 45worlds.com] }}
|title = 2 Tone - Before, During & After
|author = Lee Morris
|year = 2020
|link = {{Amazon|asin=1912027550}} {{-}} {{AmazonUK|asin=1912027550}} }}

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Books by, about or related to Elvis Costello


Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003 Matt Groening (editor), Paul Bresnick (series editor) 2003 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Global Game: Writers on Soccer John Turnbull (editor) 2008 AmazonAmazon.uk


Elvis Costello

Title Author Year Links
Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink Elvis Costello 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk
Trouweloze muziek en verdwijnende inkt - (in Dutch) Elvis Costello - translated by Marike Groot, Sander Brink, Gies Aalbers, Edwin Krijgsman and Erik de Vries 2015 AmazonAmazon.ukAmazon.nl
Musique infidèle et encre sympathique - (in French) Elvis Costello - translated by Valéry Lameignère 2017 Amazon.ukAmazon.fr
Unfaithful Music - Mein Leben - (in German) Elvis Costello - translated by Henning Dedekind, Henriette Heise & Hubert Mania 2015 Amazon.ukAmazon.de
Musica Infedele & Inchiostro Simpatico - (in Italian) Elvis Costello - translated by T. Lo Potro 2016 Amazon.ukAmazon.it
Música Infiel y Tinta Invisible - (in Spanish) Elvis Costello - translated by Damià Alou, Antonio Padilla & Pilar Rocío Gómez 2016 Amazon.ukAmazon.es
Skamlös Musik & Bleknande Bläck - (in Swedish) Elvis Costello - translated by Daniel Gustafsson 2016 Norstedts.se
Elvis Costello – (Kill Your Idols series) John Aizlewood and David Sheppard (ed) 2000 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A biography Tony Clayton-Lea 1999 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello (Icons of Pop Music) Dai Griffiths 2008 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A Man Out of Time (published in the USA as Elvis Costello: God's Comic) David Gouldstone 1989 AmazonAmazon.uk
Let Them All Talk: The Music Of Elvis Costello Brian Hinton 1999 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A Bio-Bibliography - Bio-Bibliographies in Music series James E. Perone 1998 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello - A Completely False Biography Based On Rumor, Innuendo and Lies Krista Reese 1981 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: An Illustrated Biography Mick St. Michael 1986 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello - The Early Years (ebook - as above with a new foreword by Michael Heatley) Mick St. Michael 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
Complicated Shadows: The Life and Music of Elvis Costello Graeme Thompson 2005 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: el hombre que pudo reinar (in Spanish) Xavier Valiño 2016 AmazonAmazon.ukinfo

Related artists

Cruel to be Kind – The Life & Music of Nick Lowe Will Birch 2019 AmazonAmazon.uk
"Get Beethoven!" Paul Cassidy 2020 AmazonAmazon.uk
Here Comes Everybody: The Story Of The Pogues James Fearnley 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Big Wheel Bruce Thomas 1995 AmazonAmazon.uk
On The Road ... Again Bruce Thomas 2003 AmazonAmazon.uk
Rough Notes - dancing about architecture Bruce Thomas 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk


Rebel Heart - An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey Bebe Buell and Victor Bockris 2002 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
Elvis Costello (in Italian) Eleonora Bagarotti 2006 Amazon.uk
Pump It Up: Elvis Costello's 100 Best Songs (e-book) Jim Beviglia 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces 33⅓ Franklin Bruno 2005 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Is King: Costello’s My Aim Is True (Pop classics) Richard Crouse 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello - (in Spanish) Eduardo Margaretto 1993 Amazon
The Words and Music of Elvis Costello James E. Perone 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell and the Torch Song Tradition Larry David Smith 2004 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
Elvis Costello: The Illustrated Disco-Biography Geoff Parkyn 1984 AmazonAmazon.uk

Forewords - books with forewords by Elvis Costello

Title Author Year Links
Here, There And Everywhere Geoff Emerick 2007 AmazonAmazon.uk
Such Sweet Thunder - Benny Green On Jazz Benny Green 2002 AmazonAmazon.uk
I Scare Myself Dan Hicks 2017 AmazonAmazon.ukDanHicks.net
Every Night Is Saturday Night Wanda Jackson 2017 AmazonAmazon.uk
Honky Tonk Girl: My life in lyrics Loretta Lynn 2012 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
Elvis Costello: So Far Richard Groothuizen 1983 books.google.co.uk
Going Through The Motions Richard Groothuizen and Kees den Heyer 1987 books.google.co.uk

Lyric books

Title Author Year Links
A Singing Dictionary Elvis Costello 1980 AmazonAmazon.uk
Everyday I Write The Song - (Grumbling Appendix To The Singing Dictionary) Elvis Costello 1983 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: Testi con traduzione (in Italian) Introduction by P Bertrando 1989 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
No Sleep Till Canvey Island – The Great Pub Rock Revolution Will Birch 2016 AmazonAmazon.uk
No Surrender - a deadpan farce (film script) Alan Bleasdale 1986 AmazonAmazon.uk
Pointed Portraits Chalkie Davies 1981 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Peel Sessions Ken Garner 2007 AmazonAmazon.uk
Reasons To Be Cheerful: The Life And Works Of Barney Bubbles Paul Gorman 2009 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Dark Stuff - Selected writings on Rock Music 1972 - 1993 Nick Kent 1994 AmazonAmazon.uk
No Action - tolv månader av punk, new wave och extas på Dad´s Dancehall i Malmö (in Swedish) Sven Lindström, Petter Lönegård and
Kjell Magnusson
2019 Hepcat.sePremiumpublishing.com
Olympen - artisterna, publiken, betongen (in Swedish) Sven Lindström 2014 Amazon.ukissuu.comPremiumpublishing.com
Off-beat: Pub Rock For The '80's Gina Morris 1985 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello and Thatcherism: A Psycho-Social Exploration David Pilgrim and Richard Ormrod 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk

Record labels

Title Author Year Links
Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story Richard Balls 2014 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Rhino Records Story Harold Bronson 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
Stiff Records 1976-79: A Comprehensive Guide To Collecting The Label David Cooper 2012 45worlds.com
2 Tone - Before, During & After Lee Morris 2020 AmazonAmazon.uk
Stiff: The Story Of A Record Label 1976-1982 Bert Muirhead 1983 AmazonAmazon.uk


  • In addition to the above, the music and lyrics of Elvis Costello are published as sheet music through the usual suppliers including -
  • The Global Game: Writers on Soccer - includes Elvis' account of playing a concert at UEA, Norwich, England whilst Liverpool FC were playing in the European Champions' League Final.
  • Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003 includes an article that Elvis wrote for Vanity Fair magazine.