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|year = 2020
|year = 2020
|link = {{Amazon|asin=183859342X}} {{-}} {{AmazonUK|asin =183859342X}} }}
|link = {{Amazon|asin=183859342X}} {{-}} {{AmazonUK|asin =183859342X}} }}
|title = Burt Bacharach: Song by Song
|author = Serene Dominic
|year = 2003
|link = {{Amazon|asin = 0825672805}} {{-}} {{AmazonUK|asin = 0825672805}} }}

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Books by, about or related to Elvis Costello


Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003 Matt Groening (editor), Paul Bresnick (series editor) 2003 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Global Game: Writers on Soccer John Turnbull (editor) 2008 AmazonAmazon.uk


How to Play the Guitar and Y Elvis Costello 2021 Audible - Not available in some countries


Elvis Costello

Title Author Year Links
Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink Elvis Costello 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk
Trouweloze muziek en verdwijnende inkt - (in Dutch) Elvis Costello - translated by Marike Groot, Sander Brink, Gies Aalbers, Edwin Krijgsman and Erik de Vries 2015 AmazonAmazon.ukAmazon.nl
Musique infidèle et encre sympathique - (in French) Elvis Costello - translated by Valéry Lameignère 2017 Amazon.ukAmazon.fr
Unfaithful Music - Mein Leben - (in German) Elvis Costello - translated by Henning Dedekind, Henriette Heise & Hubert Mania 2015 Amazon.ukAmazon.de
Musica Infedele & Inchiostro Simpatico - (in Italian) Elvis Costello - translated by T. Lo Potro 2016 Amazon.ukAmazon.it
エルヴィス・コステロ自伝 - (in Japanese) Elvis Costello - translated by 夏目 大 (Dai Natsume) 2020 Amazon.co.jp
Música Infiel y Tinta Invisible - (in Spanish) Elvis Costello - translated by Damià Alou, Antonio Padilla & Pilar Rocío Gómez 2016 Amazon.ukAmazon.es
Skamlös Musik & Bleknande Bläck - (in Swedish) Elvis Costello - translated by Daniel Gustafsson 2016 Norstedts.se
Elvis Costello – (Kill Your Idols series) John Aizlewood and David Sheppard (ed) 2000 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A biography Tony Clayton-Lea 1999 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello (Icons of Pop Music) Dai Griffiths 2008 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A Man Out of Time (published in the USA as Elvis Costello: God's Comic) David Gouldstone 1989 AmazonAmazon.uk
Let Them All Talk: The Music Of Elvis Costello Brian Hinton 1999 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A Bio-Bibliography - Bio-Bibliographies in Music series James E. Perone 1998 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello - A Completely False Biography Based On Rumor, Innuendo and Lies Krista Reese 1981 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: An Illustrated Biography Mick St. Michael 1986 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello - The Early Years (ebook - as above with a new foreword by Michael Heatley) Mick St. Michael 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
Complicated Shadows: The Life and Music of Elvis Costello Graeme Thompson 2005 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: el hombre que pudo reinar (in Spanish) Xavier Valiño 2016 AmazonAmazon.ukinfo

Related artists

Cruel to be Kind – The Life & Music of Nick Lowe Will Birch 2019 AmazonAmazon.uk
"Get Beethoven!" Paul Cassidy 2020 AmazonAmazon.uk
Burt Bacharach: Song by Song Serene Dominic 2003 AmazonAmazon.uk
Here Comes Everybody: The Story Of The Pogues James Fearnley 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Big Wheel Bruce Thomas 1995 AmazonAmazon.uk
On The Road ... Again Bruce Thomas 2003 AmazonAmazon.uk
Rough Notes - dancing about architecture Bruce Thomas 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk


Rebel Heart - An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey Bebe Buell and Victor Bockris 2002 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
Elvis Costello (in Italian) Eleonora Bagarotti 2006 Amazon.uk
Pump It Up: Elvis Costello's 100 Best Songs (e-book) Jim Beviglia 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces 33⅓ Franklin Bruno 2005 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Is King: Costello’s My Aim Is True (Pop classics) Richard Crouse 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello - (in Spanish) Eduardo Margaretto 1993 AmazonAmazon.es
The Words and Music of Elvis Costello James E. Perone 2015 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello And The Attractions: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Georg Purvis 2021 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello This Year's Model: In-depth Laura Shenton 2021 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell and the Torch Song Tradition Larry David Smith 2004 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
Elvis Costello: The Illustrated Disco-Biography Geoff Parkyn 1984 AmazonAmazon.uk

Forewords - books with forewords by Elvis Costello

Title Author Year Links
Have a Little Faith: The John Hiatt Story Michael Elliott 2021 AmazonAmazon.uk
Here, There And Everywhere Geoff Emerick 2007 AmazonAmazon.uk
Such Sweet Thunder - Benny Green On Jazz Benny Green 2002 AmazonAmazon.uk
I Scare Myself Dan Hicks 2017 AmazonAmazon.ukDanHicks.net
Every Night Is Saturday Night Wanda Jackson 2017 AmazonAmazon.uk
Honky Tonk Girl: My life in lyrics Loretta Lynn 2012 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
Elvis Costello: So Far Richard Groothuizen 1983 books.google.co.uk
Going Through The Motions Richard Groothuizen and Kees den Heyer 1987 books.google.co.uk

Lyric books

Title Author Year Links
A Singing Dictionary Elvis Costello 1980 AmazonAmazon.uk
Everyday I Write The Song - (Grumbling Appendix To The Singing Dictionary) Elvis Costello 1983 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello: A Collection Of Works Moods For Moderns (in Japanese) Marie Ueda & Erika Yamashita (translators) 1998 AmazonAmazon.jp
Elvis Costello: Testi con traduzione (in Italian) Introduction by P Bertrando 1989 AmazonAmazon.uk


Title Author Year Links
No Sleep Till Canvey Island – The Great Pub Rock Revolution Will Birch 2016 AmazonAmazon.uk
No Surrender - a deadpan farce (film script) Alan Bleasdale 1986 AmazonAmazon.uk
Nefarious Glen Colson 2020 Glencolson.com
Pointed Portraits Chalkie Davies 1981 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Peel Sessions Ken Garner 2007 AmazonAmazon.uk
Reasons To Be Cheerful: The Life And Works Of Barney Bubbles Paul Gorman 2009 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Dark Stuff - Selected writings on Rock Music 1972 - 1993 Nick Kent 1994 AmazonAmazon.uk
No Action - tolv månader av punk, new wave och extas på Dad´s Dancehall i Malmö (in Swedish) Sven Lindström, Petter Lönegård and
Kjell Magnusson
2019 Hepcat.sePremiumpublishing.com
Olympen - artisterna, publiken, betongen (in Swedish) Sven Lindström 2014 Amazon.ukissuu.comPremiumpublishing.com
Off-beat: Pub Rock For The '80's Gina Morris 1985 AmazonAmazon.uk
Elvis Costello and Thatcherism: A Psycho-Social Exploration David Pilgrim and Richard Ormrod 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk

Record labels

Title Author Year Links
Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story Richard Balls 2014 AmazonAmazon.uk
The Rhino Records Story Harold Bronson 2013 AmazonAmazon.uk
Stiff Records 1976-79: A Comprehensive Guide To Collecting The Label David Cooper 2012 45worlds.com
2 Tone - Before, During & After Lee Morris 2020 AmazonAmazon.uk
Stiff: The Story Of A Record Label 1976-1982 Bert Muirhead 1983 AmazonAmazon.uk


  • In addition to the above, the music and lyrics of Elvis Costello are published as sheet music through the usual suppliers including -
  • The Global Game: Writers on Soccer - includes Elvis' account of playing a concert at UEA, Norwich, England whilst Liverpool FC were playing in the European Champions' League Final.
  • Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003 includes an article that Elvis wrote for Vanity Fair magazine.